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Eyal Kalderon, cousin of Gaza hostage: ‘We need to strive to get a deal’

Exactly four months after the Hamas attacks on southern Israel, more than 100 Israelis remain in captivity, with very little known about their fate. The families of those held captive are continuing to urge their government, and the international community, not to give up on their loved ones. We spoke to Eyal Kalderon, whose cousin Ofer was kidnapped by Hamas from the Nir Oz kibbutz on October 7, and remains a hostage in Gaza. Ofer’s two children were kidnapped with him. Both Erez, who turned 12 in captivity, and 16-year-old Sahar were released on November 27. But there has been no news of Ofer, a 53-year-old Franco-Israeli citizen, since his kidnapping. “We need to strive to get a deal; this is the best way to bring them all [home] alive,” Eyal Kalderon told Perspective.

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